ARRL Intro To Emergency Communications Course (EC-001)

The Intro to Emcomm (EC-001) course is designed to provide basic knowledge and tools for any emergency communications volunteer. The course has 6 sections with 29 lesson topics. At the end of the course a 35-question final assessment is taken. A score of 80% or better is required for successful course completion.

The information covered in the EC-001 course is in two pdf files below. Part 1 covers Topics 1-15, and Part 2 covers Topics 16-29. The questions (and answers) that make up the question pool can be found at the end of each topic.

There are two additional courses required to take the EmComm Exam (you are required to provide your date of completion). They are free mini-courses you can take online at :

  • IS-100.b (ICS-100) (Introduction to the Incident Command System)
  • IS -700.a (An Introduction to NIMS – National Incident Management System)

Intro to Emcomm (EC-001) Course Files:

EC-001 Course Outline

ARRL EC-001 – IRCARES – Part 1

ARRL EC-001 – IRCARES – Part 2

For ease of review, here is a list of all questions and an answer key:

Practice Test ARRL EC-001 – IRCARES

Answer Key ARRL EC-001 – IRCARES