Current ARES Traffic Net Format

Indian River County ARES Traffic Net Format

Calling ALL Indian River County ARES members to the Indian River County Amateur Radio Emergency Service Traffic Net. This net meets every Tuesday at 1930 hours local time for the purpose of handling traffic, training, and emergency preparedness. All amateurs are encouraged to participate. When checking in, please give your call sign phonetically, your name, and advise if you have any traffic for the net. This is a directed net. All stations are requested to follow the instructions of net control.

This is (NAME – CALL), your net control for this evening.

Are there any ARES leadership officials on the frequency, please check-in at this time. (pause)

I will now take check-ins from any stations who would like to join the net. When checking in each station should say “THIS IS “, then drop the carrier…if you are not doubling with another station then proceed with your call sign phonically, followed by your NAME, and whether you have any traffic.

Check-ins will be called for by the 1st letter of you call signs…

A K N and W.

Let’s start with A (lpha)

Now Call signs beginning with K (ilo)

Next with N (ovember)

And Finally with W (hiskey)

(Go now to check out Traffic, starting with ARES officials.)

“If there any more stations wishing to check-in, or anyone else having any additional information for the net, please call now.” (pause)

Hearing no more traffic, I will close the Indian River County ARES Traffic Net at ______ hours. I would like to thank everyone for their participation this evening. This is (YOUR CALL), net control, with our thanks to the Treasure Coast Repeater Association for the use of their repeater. I now return the frequency back to general Amateur use. 73s and Good night all. (YOUR CALL) clear.

 IRC ARES Net Format: Revised 08/12/2015 by N1PZB & KC2LXV